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"Extra 300/300S" aerobatics model

Weight 1700 g
Length 1160 mm
Wingspan 1620 mm
Wing area 34 dm²
Stabilizer area:
"Extra 300"
"Extra 300S"
4 dm²
6 dm²
Engine "Stalker 76"

"Extra 300/300S" aerobatics model is a top class F2B competition model. It is of the "take apart" construction.

The wing halves and stabilizer can be separated from the fuselage. The fuselage can also be separated into 2 parts and the landing gear can be separated from the fuselage.

The wing joint mechanism is placed in the fuselage directly at the model’s center of gravity. This way the weight of the wing mounts and main control mechanism (bellcrank) does not influence the model’s balance. When the model is separated it fits into the custom made wooden box measuring 250×400×800 mm.

All the mounting systems for wing and fuselage are made from durable aluminum of the same quality as used in the aircraft industry.

The placement of the mounting bolts provides easy access and allows for simple assembly and disassembly of the model.

The system uses very few connection points and it is based on years of experience in developing this type of model aircraft. The design has proven to be extremely reliable even under the most challenging weather conditions.

The model is very light compared to its size. The design of this model also makes transportation easy.

The finish of the model is of the highest quality. The color scheme can be custom made especially for your model. Also, your own FAI or AMA number can be put on at your choice.

Product Number OAM-101
Buy Online 2.500,00 €
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