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This web-site is dedicated to the sport of building and flying Control-line model aircraft of the FAI class F2B (also referred to as Control Line Stunt). We will try to put as much useful information as possible about this sport and the models into these web pages.

Do you want to help us improve this site? Then you may send articles, photos, drawings or other useful information to us on e-mail: oleksandr@osetrov.com (If you send picture of your friends, ask them first if it is ok to publish them on the net).

Evaluation of the quality of an aerobatic F2B flight is not easy. There is no objective measuring of the flight and maneuvers. Competition judges give their subjective grade for each maneuver. Also, during the 7 minutes flight, the pilot may be nervous or stressed. If he does not manage this, the quality of the flight may be affected. Still, this type of model airplane sport is both interesting and challenging.