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"Classic" aerobatics model

"Classic" control line model is a top level of aerobatics. Details »

"Extra 300/300S" aerobatics model

"Extra 300/300s" aerobatics model is a top class F2B competition model. It is of the "take apart" construction.

The wing halves and stabilizer can be separated from the fuselage. The fuselage can also be separated into two parts and the landing gear can be separated from the fuselage. Details »

"Solar Wind" aerobatics model

"Solar Wind" control line model is a well designed aerobatic trainer for beginner pilots.

Like any other aerobatics model, the "Solar Wind" is built using finest grade material. It has all balsa wood construction.

This model can be used as an aerobatic trainer because it's very stable in flight. Details »

"Sukhoi Su-31" aerobatics model

"Sukhoi Su-31" is a semi scale model of the aerobatics aircraft Sukhoi Su-31 that is very popular in airshows.

This model can be used as an F2B competition model as well as a trainer. It is very stable in flight and very maneuverable.

The two wing halves are removable making it easily transportable for a model of this size, yet compact enough to be transported fully assembled for added convenience, if desired. Details »